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A Lifetime of Acting

 I started acting by making movies in grade school with my friends. We'd do them for class projects or make funny shorts and sketches experimenting with film making techniques. After high school, I moved to Los Angeles to begin acting professionally. Soon after I arrived, I signed with the Avalon Artists Group Agency and began to audition. After a series of modest successes I joined SAG/AFTRA and continue to build upon and grow my career.


Lift Girl!

 I can be seen on the break out web series Lift Girl! After a while of kicking around in LA, I was eager to write and direct a new project. I played around with some ideas and through a series of strange events sure enough Lift Girl was born! I was astonished by the reception the show received and am truly grateful to everyone who helped make it such a success. You can check out all the madness here at: www.YouTube.com/LiftGirlShow


Green Jack Productions

My entertainment work needed a production company behind it and so enter Green Jack. My next project: "Chef Charlie" (a sketch about a TV Chef with stage fright) was completed, we launched it on Funny or Die as well as YouTube under the brand new Green Jack Productions channel at www.YouTube.com/GreenJackProductions . Watch the sketch and then find out all about Green Jack by visiting our website at GreenJackProductions.com


Maybe Tonight

My latest project titled "Maybe Tonight" is entering its festival run! This is a full fledged short film about a close group of friends getting together one last weekend before their loved one "Jack" ships out on his first ever US Navy deployment. The trailer has been uploaded to the Green Jack Productions YouTube channel so stop by and view what we all hope is something very special. You can also learn more about the film by checking out its official website: MaybeTonightFilm.com

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