Green Jack Productions is an independent film production company that focuses  on character-driven narrative films and new media content.



Lift Girl

 Green Jack Productions' first undertaking was Lift Girl. Lift Girl is a  personal driver in Hollywood who's misadventures lead to Bad Guy, a  local criminal who helps unlock her true potential. The hottest web series on YouTube at the time of its release, Lift Girl saw great  success with over 300k views and counting. With a wonderful cast of guest stars Lift Girl rose to the top of the web series game with a ten episode run that can be found here at


Chef Charlie

The sketch that launched the Green Jack Productions YouTube channel, "Chef  Charlie" is a five minute short about an up and coming celebrity chef  who has one small problem he must overcome... crippling stage fright. Chef Charlie was originally featured on Funny or Die and made the move to Green Jack's channel to begin a run of projects featured there with the hopes of beginning a new chapter and starting something fresh. Check out the new and stylish Green Jack channel along with the sketch at


Maybe Tonight

Green Jack's latest project titled "Maybe Tonight" now entering its festival cycle! This is a dramatic short film about six close friends getting together the last weekend before their loved one "Jack" ships out on his first US Navy deployment. The trailer for the film is now live on the Green Jack Productions YouTube channel. Get updated and learn more about the film at its newly launched website

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Green Jack Productions was founded by Jake Cole in 2015.